Selling Tips

SEO for Your Ebay Store?
Yes, you can optimize your SEO traffic to your eBay store, here's is how.
How to Block a Buyer on eBay
Learn how to block a user on eBay from bidding or purchasing from you in a couple simple steps.
How to put your eBay Store on Vacation Mode
Learn how how to put your eBay Store on Vacation Mode safely. Step by step guide to configure your eBay store vacation settings in a couple of clicks.
How to Reinstate a Suspended eBay Account 
Got a suspended eBay account? Learn what you need to do to reinstate your suspended eBay account now.
Sales Booster: How to send eBay offers to watchers
Maximize your eBay Sales by sending offers directly to individuals that are watching your listing on eBay. This small trick will allow you to increase sales and share offers to up to 10 potential buyers at the same time.
How to Send an Invoice on eBay
Learn how to send eBay Invoices in 4 easy steps and make your accounting easier
The eBay Seller Hub Guide
Learn in the in's and out's about the eBay Seller Hub. This guide shows you the main components of the eBay Seller Hub.
How to Use eBay Search - A Beginners Guide 
Using the eBay search bar is easy. But in this Guide, you'll find out a few tips and tricks to step up your game and finding bargains here and there.
eBay Advanced Search - Top Tips & Tricks
The eBay Advanced Search is one of the best tools, that nearly no one uses, because it seems too complicated. This changes now in this Guide.
How to Cancel Your eBay Order as a Seller
Canceling an order is a MUST as a Seller on eBay. Learn here now, how to do it.
How to Cancel Your eBay Order as a Buyer
Canceling an Order online is like putting an item back in a shop. But doing it online can be complicated sometimes. This Guide shows you how it's done easily.
How to build your brand through your eBay store
Many successful brands operate through an eBay store, and others go on to set up their own private websites are having built up their brand through eBay.
How To Leave A Lasting Impression As An eBay Seller
Being a successful seller on eBay is about so much than simply making money. While yes, this may be the ultimate end goal, it’s equally important to set a strong first impression on your consumers. 
3 eCommerce Techniques to Boost Sales & 3 You Should Avoid
All eCommerce sites would like to be making more sales. Here are three techniques that have been shown to improve sales, along with three that actually make it harder for you to push conversions. 
What your Need to Know About the Modern Online Shopper
Online shopping has changed. Check out the latest study on how the modern online shopper browsers the internet an learn how to optimize for that.
4 Clever Shopping Moves for the Aspiring eBay Ninja
You like shopping on auction sites like eBay? Here are the latest tips and tricks for any smart shopper.
2021 Platform Comparison: Choosing the Right e-Commerce Platform for Your Online Business
We compared 8 e-commerce platforms and tell you which one works the best for your business
Will COVID-19 change fashion consumer behaviour online?
The coronavirus outbreak has certainly created a huge amount of upheaval in the retail sector. With countries around the country implementing various different forms of lockdown and shop closures, many businesses have seen their entire operation chan
7 Tips to Promote Your Clothing Business on Social Media
Marketing your clothing can be a real hassle, especially with so many different platforms to do it on. Find out what tactics you can use to...
A Quick Guide to Selling Fashion Online
Selling clothes and accessories online can be done via three basic channels, and you can use any combination you wish: Your own ecommerce website, online marketplaces and social media sites. Let’s take a look at each one in turn.
The Ultimate Buyer and Seller Acronyms Dictionary - Part I
Acronyms and abbreviations have taken over the world, in particular when shopping or selling online. Here's a list of acronyms you should know about.
The Ultimate Buyer and Seller Acronyms Dictionary - Part II
Acronyms and abbreviations have taken over the world, in particular when shopping or selling online. Here's a list of acronyms you should know about.
10 Alternatives to eBay
eBay is awesome, but here are some alternative worth looking into as well...
Avoiding eBay Fees: Tips for Higher Profit
eBay is a wonderful “middle man” platform for any seller, whether you’re a novice or seasoned purveyor of goods. It offers so many amazing selling...
5 Creative Ways to Show Customers You Care
Showing your customers that you care is a great way to build that solid relationship, and it goes without saying that creativity is key when best deciding...
Profit Boosters: Selling the Right Clothing During the Right Time
Sell more on eBay, Poshmark and other platforms by knowing when to sell. Knowing the timing is critical and can help you boost sales.
How to Write a Killer Product Descriptions
Learn how to write a product description that sells! With only some view tips you can double your sales in no time.
How to Optimize Your eBay Listings
You can have the absolute best products to offer in your business, but those products and your face as a brand are only as good as your actual listings. Getting the most out of your eBay product...
Why the Right Size Matters
Finding the right fit can be daunting. Here's your how-to guide to guide on finding better fitting clothing online,
12 Awesome Websites and Apps to Sell Your Clothing Online and Make Money
Here are the top platforms to sell your used or new cloth on and make some extra cash.
30 eBay Buying Tips, Tricks & Tools to Hunt for Hidden Bargains
Check out the latest eBay buying tips and tricks to find the hottest deals and bargains.
Four Unexpected Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversions
While there are many conventional methods of attempting to optimize conversion rate, here we take a look at four rather unexpected approaches.
20 Tips for Selling Clothes Online
Things you need to know when selling clothing online to maximize your profits and boost sales.

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