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Selling Tips
8 min read

How to Send an Invoice on eBay

Learn how to send eBay Invoices in 4 easy steps and make your accounting easier
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Published on
March 21, 2020

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You have probably made your first sale on eBay and are preparing everything for your Buyer to pay for your sold item. If it was a private Sale, your Buyer only asks for your PayPal or Bank details to send you the money. However, if your Buyer is a company or a private person, they might ask for an Invoice in their own interest. The below guide shows you exactly how to create and send an eBay Invoice to your customers.

Sending Your eBay Invoice to a Buyer in 4 Steps

  1.  Log into your eBay account, and navigate the eBay Seller Hub.

  1.  Then hover over “Orders” and select “Awaiting Payment”.

  1. On the “Awaiting Payment” page, look for the order of the Buyer that asked for the Invoice and click “Send Invoice”.

  1. Now you are on the invoice page, here you can review the payable amount, add any additional discounts and include a note to your buyer. Once this is done, press "Send Invoice"

Additional Seller Tips:

If you would like to offer a discount for a buyer that purchases multiple items, you can send out the final invoice, once all of the items have been purchased. Just make sure you are allowing combined payments in the Combined payments and shipping discounts section. 

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