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Find your ideal shoe size across 400+ brands with our shoe size conversion tool.

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Sports shoes are different from high heels. Our tool is design to find the perfect fit.

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International Conversion

Looking for EU, UK or US Size? We simplify the international conversion for you.

Conversion Tip’s

Our Shoe Size Conversion tool allows you to convert shoe sizes across a variety of brands such as Adidas, Nike, Converse and 400+ additional brands. To get started, please select if you want to convert Men's, Women's, Boy's or Girl's Shoes.

Selecting Shoe Type
Please choose what type of shoe you would like to convert. Here' we have several options including, Casual Shoes, Flats, Flip Flops, Formal Shoes, Heels, Sandals, Sport Sandals as well as Sport Shoes. Our model takes shoe material, sole type as well as the common with of a shoe type into consideration to identify the ideal fit for you.

Selecting Brand
Here too we have a variety of brands you can select from, depending on US / EU shoe size and type you select, the variety of brands may increase or decrease as some brands are not selling certain shoe types. Selecting the brand you want to convert from would be indicated in the field. e.g. Converting Nike to Adidas, Converse to Aldo or Puma to Nike Shoe Size.

Selecting International Size Metrics
Here you can select across 3 international size metrics such as US, UK as well as EU size. Please note that we convert into all 3 size metrics allowing you to double check your shoe size when identifying your perfect fit.

Selecting Your Size
This one is straight forward, here you enter the shoe size for a given metric. e.g. US Size 10.5 or EU Size 44.

Your Results
Our Shoe Size Recommendation System was trained on 1,000,000 shoes to estimate the ideal fit across brands for you. We take into account the material, brand manufacture, shoe type as well as the design across most common shoe types to accurately recommend the ideal shoe size for you. Here you will see the ideal shoe size for a particular brand as well as the size in US, EU and UK Size.

If you have any questions about our recommendation system or would like to use it on your website / e-commerce store, please email us here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is shoe size conversion and how does it work?

Shoe size conversion is the process of translating your shoe size from one international sizing standard to another or from one brand's sizing to another. This is particularly useful when you want to buy shoes from a different country or brand, ensuring a perfect fit. For instance, converting a US men's size 10 in Adidas to a Nike shoe size involves understanding the differences in sizing standards between these brands. Our tool facilitates this by allowing you to select your current size and brand, and then seamlessly convert it to your desired size and brand.

2. How can I use the shoe size conversion chart?
Our shoe size conversion chart is an invaluable tool that assists you in comparing sizes across different regions like the US, UK, and European shoe sizes. It's a printable shoe size chart that can be used to cross-reference your current size in one sizing standard with your size in another. Just find your size in, say, US men's sizes, and follow the chart to determine your European or UK shoe size.

3. Why are European shoe sizes different from UK sizes? (european shoe size, uk sizes)
European and UK sizes differ due to the measurement systems they're based on. European sizes typically use a metric system, based on the length of the foot in centimeters. In contrast, UK sizes are traditionally based on the length of the last used in making the shoes, measured in barleycorns, which are one-third of an inch. Understanding these differences is crucial when converting sizes, such as from a European shoe size to a UK shoe size.

4. Can I convert women's shoe sizes to men's shoe sizes and vice versa men's shoe size to women's shoes?
Yes, you can easily convert between women's and men's shoe sizes using our tool. Typically, there's a 1.5 size difference between men's and women's shoes in the US sizing system. For example, a women's size 8.5 is roughly equivalent to a men's size 7. This conversion is helpful when shopping for unisex styles or when a specific style is only available in men's or women's sizes. With the above tool you can toggle between women's shoes and men's shoe sizes. We also have a dedicated conversion chart for women's to men's shoe size conversion chart or our men's to women's conversion chart.

5. How important is foot length and foot width in determining the right shoe size?
Foot length and foot width are crucial factors in finding the right shoe size. Our tool not only considers the length of your foot but also its width. This is because shoes that are too narrow or too wide can lead to discomfort, even if the length is correct. By measuring the length of your foot from heel to big toe and the width at the broadest part, you can ensure a more accurate fit.

6. What are size conversions and how do they help in buying shoes online?
Size conversions are essential when purchasing shoes online, especially from international or unfamiliar brands. They ensure that the shoe you buy fits well, regardless of the sizing standards used. Our tool covers size conversions across various metrics like inches for foot length, in inches as well as centimeters, EU sizes, US sizes, and standard size charts, catering to the needs of shoppers around the globe.

7. How do I measure my foot correctly using a tape measure?
To accurately measure your foot, use a tape measure to find the length from your heel to the tip of your longest toe. It's best to measure your feet at the end of the day when they're at their largest. Stand on a flat surface with one foot on a piece of paper, mark the longest point of your foot, and then use the tape measure to determine the distance. This measurement in inches or centimeters can then be used with our shoe size charts to find your perfect size. You can also view a more comprehensive guide on our Shoe Size Conversion Chart page.

8. What should I consider when converting shoe sizes for sports shoes?
When converting sizes for sports shoes, it's important to consider both the style and the specific sizing of the brand. Sports shoes, depending on their purpose (running, basketball, etc.), can have different sizing standards, even within the same brand. For example, a running shoe might offer a different fit compared to a basketball shoe from the same brand, due to differences in design and function.

9. Does the shoe size conversion work for different shoe types like heels or casual shoes?
Yes, our tool is adept at handling various shoe types, including heels, casual shoes, sports shoes, and more. It accounts for the unique sizing variations and styles associated with different types of footwear, ensuring an accurate size conversion for every shoe type.

10. Is there a difference in shoe sizing for different countries in Europe?
Yes, shoe sizing can vary slightly across different European countries. While there is a general European sizing standard, some countries may have their own unique variations. Our tool provides conversions specific to each European country's sizing standard, making it easier for shoppers to find the right size no matter where they are in Europe.

11. What brands does your shoe size conversion tool cover
Our shoe size conversion tool covers over 300+ brands, ensuring a wide range of options for our users. This includes popular brands like Nike, Adidas, and Crocs, complete with their specific size charts. Additionally, we cater to fans of brands like Soludos and many others, offering comprehensive size conversion across a diverse spectrum of shoe manufacturers. Whether you're looking for sports shoes, casual wear, or something more formal, our tool provides accurate size conversions for a vast array of brands to meet your needs.

12. How can I ensure the converted shoe size is the perfect fit for us men's size or women's size?
To ensure that the converted shoe size provides the perfect fit, consider both the length and width of your foot. Our tool takes into account various factors like the brand's specific sizing standards, shoe type, and material. For the best results, measure your foot size using a tape measure or refer to a printable shoe size chart for accurate measurements. Remember, sizes can vary slightly between different styles and brands, so always check the specific size chart of the brand you're interested in. Additionally, reading customer reviews and brand-specific sizing tips can also provide valuable insights into finding the right fit.

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