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How to Measure Shorts?

The ultimate guide on how to measure shorts. Before we start with the measuring, lay down the shorts on a flat hard surface and smooth out any wrinkles.
Written by
Alize Mendez
Published on
June 25, 2024

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Shorts are a guy’s best friend especially in the sweltering heat of summer season. Moreover, some people feel more comfortable when they wear shorts on a day to day basis. Among casual wears shorts usually hold the greatest significance for all people.

The correct measurements of all sorts of garments are essential for a perfect fit. Just like that your shorts measurements are essential too, for it to serve the purpose you want e.g. if you want the shorts to rescue you from the scorching heat on a summer day then you may need to get a correct length for a short shorts, similarly if you want it for jogging you would certainly want it to be a little longer in length and so on. So my advice is always pay special attention to the correct measurement of shorts. This is where comes in to help you in finding out the correct way of measuring it.

First Things First

Before we start with the measuring, lay down the garment on a flat hard surface and smooth out any wrinkles.

picture of a pair of shorts for taking measurements

Steps to Measure Shorts

  1. WAIST: For measuring the waist first button the shorts up. Next spread the shorts flat on the surface, and remove any fullness and wrinkles from it.
  2. FRONT RISE: With the shorts buttoned up, spread the shorts on the floor or table; next remove all wrinkles, and measure this region by starting from crotch seam spot to the spot of waist band.
  3. HIP: Measure across the hip area, this is in most cases 1 1/2 inches below the zipper.
  4. THIGH: Starting at the crotch seam and ending 1-2 inches below the hip area.
  5. LENGTH: With the shorts buttoned up, spread the shorts on a table, floor or any other flat surface, with outseams on both corners. After removing all wrinkles and any fullness, measure the length from the top of the waistband.
  6. INSEAM: Having the shorts buttoned up, spread the shorts on a surface flat. Next remove any wrinkles and fullness if present. Now measure the inseam gap from the crotch, at the spot where the front and back seams meet, exactly where, depends on the length you desire ultimately.
  7. LEG OPENING: Now in the last step follow the same pattern as the previous steps, that is spread the shorts on a flat surface e.g. table or floor. After removing any fullness or wrinkles, start measurement beginning from one side of leg opening to the other side of leg opening.
  8. Done

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Tips for Taking Measurements:

  • Take all measurements lying flat. Do this on a clean floor or table. Hanging clothes can stretch as you measure and if you have them on a dress model of a different size this can skew your measurement.
  • Use a flexible tape measure at least 36″ long. Don’t try to take clothes measurements with standard 12″ ruler you’ll end up with an inaccurate measurement. If you have no tape measurement handy and this is somewhat of an emergency, you can always download a printable measuring online.
  • Measure twice! If you don’t get the same measurement both times try again.
  • Record measurement to the nearest ¼ inch. Anything more specific is irrelevant but remember lying flat measurements are generally doubled (e.g. lying flat waist of 12.5″ can be understood as a 25″ waist) so a ¼ inch could make a difference.
  • Take measurements when you’re taking photos. Trying to measure as your listing at your desk ends up taking a lot more time and energy moving back and forth between tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential steps to measure shorts correctly?

To measure shorts accurately, you need to follow these key steps: measure the waist, front rise, hip, thigh, length, inseam, and leg opening. Each measurement should be taken with the shorts laid flat on a hard surface, ensuring no wrinkles or fullness can affect the accuracy.

Can I measure shorts without a flexible tape measure?

While a flexible tape measure is the ideal tool for measuring clothing, including shorts, you can use alternatives in emergencies. For example, you can download and print a measuring tape online. Remember that accuracy is crucial, so always aim to use the right tools when possible.

Why is it important to take measurements of shorts?

The correct measurement of shorts is essential for a perfect fit, especially because shorts serve various purposes, such as providing comfort during the hot summer days or while jogging. Accurate measurements ensure that the shorts will meet your needs, whether you're looking for a shorter style for summer or a longer style for physical activities.

What is the inseam in shorts?

The inseam in shorts is a crucial measurement that runs from the crotch down to the bottom of the leg opening. It determines the length of the shorts along the inner leg, directly influencing the shorts' overall length and how they will fit. Measuring the inseam is essential for finding the right pair of shorts that suits your preferred style and comfort level, whether you're looking for shorter options to keep cool in summer or longer lengths for activities like jogging or biking. Accurately measuring the inseam ensures the shorts fit well and meet your needs for various occasions and activities.

Is it better to take measurements on a hanging garment or a flat surface?

Measurements should always be taken with the garment lying flat on a clean, hard surface. Measuring a hanging garment can lead to inaccuracies due to stretching. Likewise, using a dress model that doesn't match the size precisely can skew the measurements.

What type of tape measure should I use for measuring shorts?

Use a flexible tape measure, ideally at least 36 inches long, for measuring clothing. Standard 12-inch rulers are not suitable for this task due to their rigidity and short length, which can lead to inaccurate measurements.

What should I do if I don't have a tape measure?

If you don't have a tape measure handy, you can download and print a measuring tape online as a temporary solution. This can help in emergency situations where you need to measure but don't have the standard tools available.

What tips can you give for someone measuring shorts for online selling?

For online sellers, it's crucial to take accurate measurements while the shorts are lying flat, use the correct tools, measure twice, and record to the nearest ¼ inch. Additionally, taking measurements during the photo session for the listing can save time and ensure consistency between the visual and descriptive elements of your listing.

How can I ensure I get the same measurement twice?

To ensure consistency, always smooth out any wrinkles and ensure no fullness affects the garment's lay. Measure in a controlled environment, follow the same steps meticulously, and use the same points of reference for each measurement. If discrepancies arise, re-measure until consistent results are obtained.

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How to Measure Shorts?

The ultimate guide on how to measure shorts. Before we start with the measuring, lay down the shorts on a flat hard surface and smooth out any wrinkles.
Alize Mendez
January 29, 2017
5 min read


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