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Pants Sizes for Men and Women

Pants Sizes for Men and Women

Understanding pants sizes can be tricky with different sizing systems used worldwide. Refer to this guide covering size charts, frequently asked questions, and tips on measuring for both men's and women's pants.

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Men's Pants Size Chart

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Your Waist in Inches US Pant Size International Size
26 - 27"26XXS
27 - 28"27XS
28 - 29"28XS
29 - 30"29S
30 - 31"30S
31 - 32"31M
32 - 33"32M
33 - 34"33M/L
34 - 35"34L
35 - 36"35L
36 - 37"36XL
38 - 39"38XL
40 - 41"40XXL
42 - 43"42XXL
44 - 45"44XXXL
46 - 47"46XXXL
48 - 49"48XXXL
50 - 51"504XL

Men's Pants Size Chart FAQs

With multiple measurements used, men's pant sizes can be confusing. Our FAQ answers common questions on decoding men's pants sizes using the waist and inseam chart below. Learn what the numbers mean, how sizes convert to international, and more using our detailed responses.

What is the meaning of 34x32 pants size?

The first number 34 refers to the waist size in inches. The second number 32 indicates the inseam length in inches.

If my waist measures 40 inches, what size pants should I buy?

With a 40 inch waist, you would likely wear a size 40 or 42 pants according to the size chart. Always measure for the best fit.

What are the standard inseam lengths for men's pants?

Common inseam lengths are 28", 30", 32", 34", 36". Shorter inseams are often available too.

What is the average men's pant size?

The most common men's pant size is 32x32, fitting waists 31-33 inches. However, sizes vary significantly.

What does 32W mean in men's pants sizing?

The W stands for width, referring to the waist size in inches. So 32W indicates a 32 inch waist measurement.

What is the largest pant size made for men?

Men's pants typically go up to about a size 54 inch waist. Big and tall sizes are available from some specialty retailers.

How do I know if I need regular or tall pant sizes?

If you are over 6' to 6'2", you likely need a tall size with a longer inseam around 34 or 36 inches.

What is the difference between men's and women's pant sizing?

Men's sizes use waist and inseam numbers. Women's use a numbered system based on hip measurement.

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Women's Pants Size Chart

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Your Waist in Inches Misses Size Pant Size (W/L) International Size
23 - 25"0023/24XXS
25 - 26"025XXS
26 - 27"226XS
27 - 28"427XS
28 - 29"628S
29 - 30"829S
30 - 31"1030M
31 - 32"1231M
32 - 33"1432L
33 - 34"1633L
34 - 35"1834XL
36 - 37"2036XL
38 - 39"2238XXL
40 - 41"2440XXL

Women's Pants Size Chart FAQs

Decode your perfect women's pants size with this FAQ guide. Using the size chart below, learn how sizes translate across misses, international, and waist/hip measurements. Our answers on fit, average sizes, and more will help you shop pants with ease.

What is the difference between misses and women's sizes?

Misses sizes tend to run slimmer through the hips/thighs. Buy according to your hip measurement.

What size pants would fit 27 inch waist?

A 27 inch waist correlates to around size 4 or 6 women's pants. Check the size chart.

What are common inseam lengths for women's pants?

Standard inseams range from 28"-34". Petite (28"), short (30"), regular (32"), and long (34").

If I'm a size 10, what is that in European sizes?

A US size 10 women's pant equates to a European size 40. Refer to size chart.

What is the average women's pant size?

The most common size is Medium or size 8-10, fitting waists 29-31 inches. But sizes vary.

What does 0S mean in women's jeans sizing?

The 0 refers to the US size and S means small for the hip measurement. A 0S is size 0 with small hips.

What is the largest women's pant size made?

Most brands produce up to around size 24 which has a waist of about 42-44 inches.

Should I buy loose pants a size up?

It depends on fit - consider sizing up 1 for a very relaxed fit or down for a slimmer look.

Mens To Womens Pants Conversion Chart

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Your Waist in Inches Men's Pant Size (W/L) Men's International Size Women's International Size Misses Size Women's Pant Size (W/L)

Mens To Womens Pants Conversion Chart FAQs

Shopping for the opposite gender? This FAQ will help convert men's and women's pant sizes. Learn how sizing differs between genders, what the numbers mean, and tips for finding the perfect fit. Refer to the handy size conversion chart below and read on for more info!

How do you convert men's sizes to women's?

Subtract 21 from the men's waist size to get the approximate women's size.

What women's size is a men's 34 inch waist?

A men's 34 inch waist equates to around size 13 women's pants.

What is the difference in sizing between men and women?

Women's sizes account for curvier hips. Men's focus on waist and inseam.

If I'm a men's size 36x34 what women's size is that?

A men's 36x34 is approximately a women's size 15 pant.

What women's size corresponds to a men's 30 waist?

A 30 inch men's waist converts to about size 9 women's pants.

What are men's size 38 pants in women's sizing?

Size 38 men's pants equate to approximately size 17 women's pants.

What men's size is equivalent to size 10 women's?

Size 10 women's equals approximately size 31 men's pants.

How do I know if I need petite or tall sizing?

Measure your inseam based on where you want pants to hit - ankle, top of shoe, etc.

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