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8 min read

Ultimate Clothing Measurement Overview Guide

Sizes such as 6 or 12 just don’t cut it anymore, as each brand has its own sizing standards . Here's a measurement guide that helps you navigate this landscape.
Written by
Alize Mendez
Published on
November 22, 2023

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The benefits of having clothing measurements in your online listings are tremendous. For women especially, across the board sizes such as 6 or 12 just don’t cut it for a comfortable fit, as each brand has their own sizing standards — and every one of those standards can chaotically vary across brands. Realistically, most people can’t even go into an actual retail store in person and buy a piece of clothing without trying it on first, so overcoming this fear online can be exponentially more challenging. Every single body is different, and by offering your potential buyers easy measuring tools to utilize, you’ll generate not only more business for your brand, but you’ll also decrease total returns by upwards of 50%.

So, how does Sizely work and how can you put it to use for your business?

For an online retail seller, Sizely allows you to generate measurement templates across 120+ clothing types. This means potential buyers have it easier than ever when shopping for the right “fit”.

By just showing the exact measurement in a clear and easy to understand visual, online businesses and sellers on marketplaces such as eBay, Postmark, and Etsy see increased sales by up to 26%, as well as an increase in the overall buyer confidence by up to a whopping 70% when using the Sizely templates. Whether your shoppers need a template showcasing just a handful of common measurement areas, or something a little more exclusive, you can create a measuring guide with Sizely that makes the entire shopping experience seamless, quick, and enjoyable.

Sizely gives the seller the power to create ultra-specific and precise templates, covering all possible options from units of measurement in centimeters or inches, down to even the particular brand the clothing is attributed to.

What platforms are supported?

The short answer is all, this includes marketplaces such es eBay, Etsy, Tradesy, Poshmark Mercari as well as more larger platforms such as Amazon.

So, what are the clothing categories?

Whether you’re looking for a template for a simple pair of sunglasses, or a slew of fancy bridesmaids dresses, Sizely covers any and everything under the sun when it comes to clothing. Whereas other online retailers can stress buyers out with the limited options available when it comes to size charts, Sizely invites the most specificity to make sure every clothing need and want is covered. Now, let’s dive in to just how expansive Sizely’s templates really are!


Tops cover a wide variety starting from T-Shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts, and so on. Regardless of the Top type, it’s important to always measure key areas such as neck to shoulder, shoulder to shoulder, chest, waist, and sleeve for a general overall measurement. Under the Top category on Sizely, you’ll find the following specific types in both male and female fits:

· T-Shirts

· Blouse

· Button-Down Fitted

· Cardigan

· Crop Top

· Dolman Top

· Down Vest

· Dress Vest

· Henley

· Long Sleeve Classic

· Long Sleeve Polo

· Sleeveless Blouse

· Tanktop

· Turtleneck

· Western Shirt

· Hoodie

· Sweatshirt

· Denim Jacket

· Dress Shirt

· Bomber

· Blazer Jacket

· All Sports Jerseys


Bottoms cover such items as jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. Key measurement areas for bottom half garments should include waist, hip, thigh, in seam, and length. Specific sub-categories for Bottoms include:

Bottoms Templates

· Shorts

· Capris

· Flare Jeans

· Straight Jeans

· Long Skirts

· Short Skirts

· Sweatpants

· Swim Shorts

· Dress Pants

· Cargo Pants

· Leggings


From chilly winters to upscale outdoor events, Sizely’s outerwear covers everything from jackets to classic peacoats. Warm up with the following templates:

Outerwear Teamplates

· Blazer Jacket

· Puffer Jacket

· Peacoat

· Trench Coat

· Down Jacket

· Windbreaker

· Long Coat


Perhaps the hardest garment to get right, Sizely goes beyond comprehensive fit in these precisely perfected templates:

Underwear Templates

· Bikini

· Boxers

· Boy Shorts

· Swimsuits

· Bikini Sets


Dresses have a long history of styles for every occasion and every body type. From shorter skater looks to evening gowns, here’s what you can expect from this timeless category:

Dresses Templates

· Long Sleeve Dress

· Sleeveless Dress

· Classic Dress

· Fitted Dress

· Long Dress


As fast as they grow, babies to toddlers are always in need of seriously cute clothes, and these measurement templates offer a quick and easy way for parents to find the perfect things:


· Onesie

· Longsleeve Onesie

· Tanktop Onesie

· Baby Pants

· Baby Shirt

· Bodysuit


Much like underwear, baubles for your feet can also be one of the harder measurement guides to get right when it comes to purchasing online. In this category, you’ll find everything from wedge sandals to every type of pump and heel you can imagine:


· Classic Pumps

· Flatboots

· High Heels

· Platforms

· Rubber Boots

· Wedges

· Ankle Boots

· Desert Boots

· Slippers

· Army Boots

· Trainers

· Moccasins

· Docksides

· Chelsea Boots


Not every face is created symmetrically alike, which is why a measuring template for glasses is so important. Add unique style to those frames and the whole online shopping process becomes even more daunting. Give your shoppers ease of mind when searching for their perfect pair of spectacles with the following guides:


· Cat Eye

· Pilot

· Rectangular

· Round

· Sport

· Square

· Wayfarer


Accessories cover a pretty big area when it comes to add-ons with our fashions, and whether it’s for functional use like a belt, or something a little more for visual style like a silky neck scarf, the right sizing is just as important. Check out the measurement templates offered to optimize on the ultimate accessory styles:

Accessories Templates

· Belt

· Cap

· Duffel Bag

· Cadet Gloves

· Classic Gloves

· Hat

· Rectangular Scarf

· Square Scarf

· Triangle Scarf

· Tie

· Watch


Of course, for all those particular items that don’t seem to fall into any broader category, Miscellaneous will cover. Chances are, if you offer super-specific items that are hard to find measurement templates for, Sizely will have them listed in this category for you:

Miscellaneous Templates

· Apron

· Coveralls

· Luggage

· Motorcycle Suit

· Shopping Bag

· Messenger Bag

· Crescent Bag

· Tote Bag

· Satchel Bag

· Bucket Bag

· Foldover Clutch

· Frame Clutch

· Thobe

· Kurta

Need to measure an item? Give our FREE template creator a try.

A quick and easy way of sharing measurements online, Sizely works on any platform and it takes seconds to generate a sizing template.

  • Increase sales + reduce returns at the same time
  • Works on any platform such as eBay, Poshmark, Etsy & more.
  • Over 130+ Templates across all categories
  • Imperial and metric system support

Sizely offers three options when it comes to plans: Starter, Plus, and Pro. Ranging from free to 7$ a month plans, you can dive into this incredible sizing platform in seconds, and you’ll watch in amazement as your online business transforms just as quickly.

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