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The Ultimate Buyer and Seller Acronyms Dictionary - Part II

The Ultimate Buyer and Seller Acronyms Dictionary - Part II


November 30, 2019

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By now you might have checked out our first Buying & Seller Acronym Dictionary — Part I. Acronyms and abbreviations have taken over the world. You find new and interesting abbreviations and acronyms everywhere on the web. In particular, when you shop or even start to sell items online.

Some acronyms you’ll use in direct communication with a buyer or seller, while some are just impertinent to know in case you come across them on your online purchasing or listing journeys. But don’t panic if you’re unsure how to navigate the deep pool of what seems like endless wordplay — below, we’ve created the ultimate tome of acronyms and their meanings to have you ciphering the ecommerce universe in no time.


Meaning: Private Label/ White Label


If you procure your own inventory and create a brand for it, then you can slap this fancy acronym on what you offer. Many buyers search out independent labels like these over big box brands, both for the uniqueness, and to support small business.


Meaning: Search Engine Optimization


This is such a significant acronym to know, understand, and then implement! SEO is the root of how people find your offerings online. With the right keywords and phrases in your product descriptions, for example, your store/items can appear at the very top of all the most used search engines.


Meaning: Thanks In Advance


Often used in product chats or DM/PM’s when someone is asking a question. They will ask it and end with TIA, as to say thank you for any answers you may provide.


Meaning:  New With Tags


Be sure to never leave out the acronyms revealing the conditions of items you’re selling (and be on the lookout always when buying!) You’ll be amazed at how much more successful your ecommerce store will be just by adding in extra detail to let your potential buyers up front know what they’re getting.


Meaning: Brand New Without Tags


Another condition of item acronym, yet this one might be the most important one. Just because your product doesn’t have tags, doesn’t mean that the value has to drop exponentially. Inform buyers that what they’re getting is just as pristine as something with tags.


Meaning: New in Box/Package


Similar to an item NWT, this is an offering such as maybe a bigger or heavier pieces, or a collector’s edition of a toy or cards, that’s as it says: still brand new in the box.


Meaning: Excellent Used Condition


Here’s the finicky thing about condition: if it’s not NWT or NWOT, then the condition is subjective. When looking at tiers of condition, it helps to whip out a handy thesaurus in aiding you to know the difference in a universal sort of definition for conditions For example, to be EUC, a product needs to be “exceptional, sterling, exemplary, and first-rate”.


Meaning: Good Used Condition


See above. GUC should be “acceptable, satisfying, great, and superb”.


Meaning: Smoke Free, Pet Free


This is an ultra-significant acronym, as it covers a basis for people buying with allergies especially. Sure, in general no one wants to buy something that harbors an odor of old cigarettes or a kitty litter box, but it can be something more serious for those that are allergic to these specific odors and danders.


Meaning: Price Negotiable


Buyers love, love, love these two letters together because it makes them feel as though they can go in with some real purchasing power. It’s also a great way to show that you’re a seller that truly wants to do just that—sell your product while being open to what the consumer finds is a fair price.


Meaning: True To Size


This acronym is brilliant and so necessary when selling or buying pieces of clothing and accentuating accessories. Buying things like this online is a challenge for most people, so knowing that a garment is TTS helps to ease worry and the buying experience. Investing in a great tool like Sizely for your online store can take the TTS to the next level for everything you sell without a hitch or second guess. It also helps decrease returns and increase overall buyer satisfaction.


Meaning: Want To Buy


WTB is fantastic for faster place marketplaces like FB, LetGo, Varage Sale, and eBay. In the midst of tons of inquiries coming in about any of your products, WTB allows a customer that’s one hundred percent on board with buying to break through. Of course, always use your best judgement when it comes to situations like holding a product or stalling on other sales to accommodate a WTB request.


Meaning: Meaning: Or Best Offer


This is a lot like a PN, but it has conditions. Basically, this is like a fight for what you’re offering, and the person that can come in with the best of offers is the one who gets to buy.

PMs/ DMs

Meaning: Personal/ Direct Messages


When you’re selling on a platform like Poshmark or Mercari, a lot of times interested buyers will fill up the photo comment sections of your product pages. This makes it all too easy for those serious buyers to get lost, which is why it’s better to pick them out of that section when you can, and then request that they DM/PM you for more info.


Meaning: Must Pick Up


Selling big pieces like furniture, cars, or boats typically aren’t the easiest to figure out how to ship and do so while keeping your profit. This is why there are great selling platforms for these types of items in which buyers expect to see the MPU condition when purchasing. Ebay, Craigslist, 5Miles, OfferUp, and Trove Marketplace are all great places to set up your virtual shop.


Meaning: In Search Of


Sometimes when you’re looking for something so specific, it can save a ton of time and searching when you implement a good acronym. On a hunt to find that treasure from your childhood that’s no longer manufactured? Just send out an ISO on any marketplace, message board, or FB/IG of your choice to increase your chances of finding exactly what you’re looking for. On the flip side, you can also keep an eye out, or set up alerts for when potential buyers might be looking for something you sell in your own online storefront.


Meaning: Don’t Engage, Report Post


It’s not the most fun acronym to have to use, but it’s a must when it’s needed. Spam and bots are very real in the online universe, so if you spot something off, or see that someone else has sent up the DERP flag, run far, far away.


Meaning: Posted On Other Sites


There will be times for certain higher-valued items (or items you just really want to sell quickly), that you post your products across multiple selling sights. It’s important to be open with potential buyers about this, and to keep careful watch on it yourself. This helps to avoid someone trying to purchase an item you just sold on a different website minutes before.


Meaning: Thanks in Advance


Sometimes, acronyms aren’t as much about getting things sold/bought, but more about conversation online. This is one such example. A buyer might ask you to hold an item, to negotiate a price, or maybe even just want more information, and they’ll end it with this polite lingo.


Meaning: Free For Shipping


This little gem of an acronym is up there in popularity with BOGO, PN, and TTS! Statistics show that buyers are 88% more likely to purchase an item that ships for free, so FFS is like a neon light leading the best of the best customers to your listings. Though it might cost you a little bit of what you’re taking in profit, the amount of sales accumulated will make up for this tenfold. Plus, there are great options with certain courier services that offer discounts to businesses for shipping.


Meaning: Don’t Sweat it


Okay, just kidding on this one! But really, don’t sweat it when it comes to the big, wide world of online selling and buying acronyms! With a little bit of practice with these we’ve listed up for you, you’ll be reciting them in your sleep in no time.

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