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SEO for Your Ebay Store?

Yes, you can optimize your SEO traffic to your eBay store, here's is how.
Written by
Nella Cheng
Published on
November 22, 2023

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Marketing. It’s a necessary evil that goes along with getting any brand or business out to the masses. In the current day and age, marketing is a wide, endless world of possibilities — especially within the ecommerce realm. It’s a constant plug of trial and error, but one must-have facet of marketing your eBay store is search engine optimization. Yes, you heard that right. SEO most certainly has a place in your eBay seller site.

In this blog post, you will learn:

  • What the eBay search engine is
  • How to get more traffic on eBay
  • How to increase eBay sales using eBay SEO
  • How you can find and use the best possible eBay search engine keywords

Think about it: less than a decade ago, SEO was a term that wasn’t commonplace. But now, you can’t hop online without seeing keywords that ultimately lead you somewhere that maybe you never knew you wanted to go. When you’re in the business of selling successfully on eBay, you have the ability to create listings that will reach potential buyers through the right emotion, and hopefully bring them back regularly because they trust your brand. That means you have to be purposeful and creative in the keywords you choose to use in your eBay store, as every word should evoke an emotional response and resonance to that potential buyer reading it.

And in an ecommerce world soaking in SEO, it pays to know your dictionary. More specifically, your eBay dictionary. Which brings us to the awesome tool that is eBay’s Best Match Algorithm. This is more of a benefit created for the buyer specifically, to enhance the shopping experience on eBay as a whole and make it way easier for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for. But as a seller, you can make this system work for you, too.

eBay SEO Vs. Google SEO

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and if you’ve ever had anything to do with creating content online, you might be aware of the importance of SEO especially to be found on Google or Bing. eBay on the other hand has its own name for their own search engine, called Cassini. Here are a few ways to round up a great blueprint of a successful SEO strategy for your store.

Start with your eBay store itself.

Your eBay store is the perfect canvas to implement tons of amazing SEO in a variety of places. You have so much real estate here to utilize SEO in your custom store pages. From product pages to your actual eBay store name and its URL, to even your About Me site, you can make every word worth something big towards your SEO marketing strategy. And it’s not just in the actual words you can see — you can also get creative with photos by using the right tags. Use the eBay Item Specifics Lookup tool as well to find the best keywords that fit not only your product, but also your store and external links. This way, you can better be among the top first to show up in eBay searches to buyers. Put this same idea into practice when assigning eBay categories to your store and products as well.

Make every word count in your listings.

eBay is extremely generous in its word count offerings for titles, subtitles, and descriptions for each and every listing, so take full advantage of this! You have 80 available words for your title alone, followed by 55 for a subtitle, and then you have your product description box that allows for plenty of keywords. What’s better? You don’t only have to stick with your product’s name in the title or the subtitle. Here, you can choose to include other fantastic additions that your product consists of, such as expedited shipping or maybe even a special return policy. Keep the same rules of thumb as texting or emailing in mind when you’re creating these titles, too. No all caps, no crazy special characters, and most importantly, don’t deceive with your words and make a product out to be something it’s not.

As far as the listing description goes, eBay recommends to use at least 200-words to optimize your SEO in the form of key verbiage, specifically placing the heaviest weight in the beginning and end of the listing. The description should obviously do just that — describe the product. But you should also focus on keywords that more specifically describe the best aspects of what you’re selling, and how it will best fit into a potential buyer’s life. Use emotion mixed with facts, and constantly attempt to forecast what words will jump out from the page to your buyer — and that will pop up higher in search results on big search engines like google and yahoo. When you’re writing your description, pretend as though you are talking directly to the person you’re selling to. This will help you create something that is both personally effective, and wildly successful in search results.

Please avoid Keyword Spamming

Do not overuse keywords in an item description as it can reduce the effectiveness of content. Moreover, keyword spamming is a violation of eBay policy as well as an irritation to prospective buyers.

The best visibility can be in the form of a barcode.

SEO isn’t always about literal words. Using other modifiers for your products that you might have never thought of can exponentially increase your visibility on major search engines. So, what exactly is a modifier? Think barcodes. UPC, ISBN, or MPN’s are all their own form of SEO that identify the product better, allowing buyers to more easily find what you’re selling.

Don’t forget mobile.

Everything is done by cellphone in today’s world, so it’s imperative that you include mobile life into your SEO plan. You’re probably using the eBay mobile app to list on your eBay store most of the time, so buyers are highly likely to be using the app to shop just as much. Formatting for a clean, mobile site look (both on a cell phone’s internet option, and on the actual app) is difficult enough to get right. Don’t let SEO optimization on your mobile eBay site be an extra dose of stress. Create beautiful titles and simple, easy to read descriptions on your listings from the get-go. Make sure photos are tagged correctly, that keywords pop out boldly on any size screen, and remember that every piece of verbiage you use should be something that can be instantly processed by a perspective buyer. At the same time check out eBay’s Cell Phone Selling guide for more details.On a mobile site, things are fast, with an ability to navigate effectively and simply at a rapid speed. Your product page should be able to keep up with this pace in order for you to be just as effective on a mobile device as you are on a desktop.

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