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10 Alternatives to eBay

eBay is awesome, but here are some alternative worth looking into as well...
Written by
Alize Mendez
Published on
June 25, 2024

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eBay is an incredible
(maybe even the reigning supreme) online marketplace to sell anything, anytime,
anywhere in the world. But as any smart seller knows, the broader your selling
horizon is, the more successful you are. Extending your selling reach from a
great hub like eBay to as many other ecommerce outlets as you can is a surefire
way to not just make sales, but to also
. So, get yourself organized and ready, because we’ve listed 10
more great selling sites to help you expand your selling bubble—literally—tenfold.



From offerings of small trinkets to designer handbags, Poshmark has become one
of the top selling ecommerce platforms today. Buyers and sellers can negotiate
pricing back and forth, creating a seamless line of communication that allows
for a super smooth, super fair and safe transaction. You can build your own
closet full of sale items, join parties that help your marketing efforts even
further, and create a social presence that supports other sellers like you.


Think of Mercari as Poshmark’s little sister—a younger app, but with fresh,
fast selling opportunities and fees a whopping 10% lower. There is no bartering
within this app, so if you’re the type of seller that likes to avoid lowball
offers, this is the place for you.


It seems as though the amazon portal has all but taken over the world of ecommerce,
making it even on the playing field with the likes of OG kings like eBay. Horticulture,
home goods, fashion, electronics—you name it—there’s a place for it on the
Amazon Seller Network.


Though it is more in a specific little ecommerce corner all its own, Etsy’s
marketplace isn’t just for the ultra-crafty. If that’s your thing, then get
your crafting on! But maybe you’re an estate shopper, or have an eye for
amazing vintage finds. Or maybe you’re swimming in some truly great crafting
supply inventory. The point is that Etsy is an incredible alternative to eBay,
with a worldwide reach and a spot on the map for just about any kind of
creative seller.


Nothing gives you more control over your business than creating your own
webstore. There are no pesky fees or costs associated for a “middle man” like
there is with eBay when you completely build your own ecommerce portal. Sure,
there is much more work involved, but in the end, you truly reap ALL the


This online portal is the hub of up and coming brands. Here, you can create and
debut your store in under ten minutes. It has a high reputation for great
social selling.

Facebook Marketplace

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook Marketplace isn’t just a place to sell one
or two old items in efforts to declutter your home. Here, you can build a local
reputation and following for your business.


This marketplace is a lot like Etsy—it has its own specific niche that buyers
come looking for. Antiques, home décor, and furniture make up this treasure box
of an app, allowing you to build your brand locally at a speedy pace.


Like Facebook Marketplace, this app can take the idea of a garage sale and turn
it into a local, continuously successful running business.


This ecommerce option is still a fresh face among its contenders, but it’s
still worth a mention—if just for its fee-free design alone. It’s growing at a
rapid pace, too, with raised series C funding of $85 million secured just in
May 2018.



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