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How to Measure a Bodysuit?

This guide shows you everything you need to know about measuring a Bodysuit. There are more angles to a bodysuit than there are with a standard shirt or pair of pants...
Written by
Alize Mendez
Published on
November 22, 2023

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There are more angles to a bodysuit than there are with a standard shirt or pair of pants, which can make measuring this item a bit more difficult. If you’re interested in learning how to measure a bodysuit, we’ve got you covered.

First Things First

Before we start make sure you lie the bodysuit flat to avoid any wrinkles that could lead to incorrect measurements

Measurement areas of a bodysuit
Bodysuit Template


  1. Collar to shoulder: Place the measuring tape in the middle of the collar and pull it to the shoulder
  2. Shoulder to shoulder: Measure from the tip of one shoulder across to the tip of the next shoulder
  3. Sleeve: Measure the sleeve length by placing the measuring tape at the tip of the shoulder and pulling it down to the end of the sleeve
  4. Width: Measure the width of the waist area by placing the measuring tape where the waist would fall on one end and pulling it across to the other side
  5. Front length: Measure the length from the top shoulder to the bottom of the leg
  6. Inseam: Measure from the inside of the crotch area to the bottom of the leg
  7. All done!

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Measuring tips

  • Always measure bodysuits flat to avoid measuring wrinkles and measuring incorrectly
  • Make sure you use a flexible measuring tape. Don’t use a ruler to measure your garments, ever- especially not a bodysuit that has so many angles that need to be measured precisely. A ruler is too stiff to get accurate measurements.
  • Round your measurements to the nearest ¼ inch to get the most accurate number.
  • Measure more than once! Confirm that you have the correct measurements by measuring your bodysuit at least twice.

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