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Why the Right Size Matters

Finding the right fit can be daunting. Here's your how-to guide to guide on finding better fitting clothing online,
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February 9, 2020

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Shopping in general isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, and that all boils down to the fact that finding the right fit can be daunting. It can feel impossible — like an endless treasure hunt — searching for clothing that is reliably comfortable. Add to this the experience of shopping online, and sometimes you want to give up all together. But why exactly is finding the right fit so difficult?

It’s actually an astonishingly simple reason — online sellers rarely include exact measurements! Finding where you fall on a general size chart is the absolute worst, and there’s never a guarantee of what will show up or how it will fit. Most of the time, we can talk ourselves into just keeping and dealing with an article of clothing that might be a little too big, or tad bit long, but the impact this has on us is huge. The right fit makes a staggering difference in our appearance, which is so important in life, whether it be for our job, participating in a sporting activity, or even celebrating a loved one’s wedding. A bad fit can affect confidence and compromise comfort, which in turn can directly damper mood and overall productivity.

So, is there anything you can really do to remedy a bad fit? The good news is — absolutely yes! When you make preemptive moves before your online shopping commences, you can avoid an otherwise terrible and unsuccessful experience. The key trick here is to understand the measurements and make them work for you. In just three ways, you can apply this shopping knowledge to ensure you never have to deal with ill-fitting clothes again.

Learn how to read the measurements online

The dreaded “vanity” system of clothing sizes is still alive and well today, and what’s worst — it continues to change sporadically as the years go by.

Did you know that a size 12 waist in 1970 was considered to be just under 30 inches, while today it’s considered to be just over 33 inches?! This is why it’s going to be so important for you to measure for yourself accurately, so as you won’t find yourself falling into that wormhole of wondering “Am I a 6 or 8 or 10 size?” Take your own measurements and apply them to sizing chart measurements — don’t even look at that S, M, or L tag that you think you might fit. Stick with the numbers. Try to stick with stores that offer to work with you in regards to guarantees on finding the right fit (Asos, JackThreads, and Piperlime are examples of online retailers that do this.) It’s also best to shop in places online that offer sizing charts that are sitewide and the same across the board. This alleviates any confusion or problems that could arise from unexpected variations in fit. Similarly, keep an eye out for sellers notes on their size charts, and actual buyer reviews on how something they purchased fit them. After you buy, especially if it’s the first-time purchase from a brand or store, make notes. Figure out what stores you trust to fit best and find the brands you know you can keep coming back to for great clothing options that are right for you. And share that love! Much like the buyer reviews on sizing helped you, you can in turn leave reviews which help others.

Learn how to compare those measurements to great-fitting clothing that you already own

The first thought that comes to mind when gathering our own measurements is wrapping that tape around our arms, waists, etc. But actually, for the most accurate sizing results, you’ll want to measure the clothing already residing in your closet. The best fitting garments are ideal to use for measuring. It also helps to keep in mind that certain sizing can also be open to interpretation due to what particular fabric blend they’re made of. For instance, if you don’t wash and dry high cotton blend pieces by the book, you’ll find that item fitting a little snugger in places. The same goes for wool or even metal frames for sunglasses. Caring for your clothing correctly goes hand in hand with using the right measurements to buy.

TIP: If you are curious on how to measure, pants, shirts, dresses, belts and more, check out our “how to measure” guide section here.

Use Sizely to share

Sizely is the ultimate tool to not only create perfect sizing templates from your measurements, but to also give you the ability to share those templates with online marketplaces where you want to buy your clothes. Sizely templates and measurement sharing make things so simple — not just for you, but also for sellers. With Sizely, you can create sizing templates for everything from sweatshirts to cocktail dresses to swim shorts to glasses. Even better — you never know if an online store has conversion options on the size charts, but when you use Sizely, you’ll never need those conversions because Sizely offers them on the templates you create! With the seemingly endless options for the templates you can create for any type of clothing or accessory, Sizely can truly transform the way you shop online. Plus, keeping up with your measurements has never been easier than with the comprehensive templates always at your disposal.

Sizely Template Creator (Free)

Online shopping is never 100% percent a guarantee when it comes to a perfect fit, but with correct measuring and utilizing an awesome measurement tool like Sizely, you can come pretty close. Still nervous about diving into the mainstream online shopping arena? If you have a little extra cash to spare, you can always take your sizing templates to a custom made-to-order online marketplace, such as Black Lapel or Stitch Fix. But, at the end of the day, regardless of the online store you choose to use, buying the right size online starts with precise measurements.

When you begin to dress specifically according to your personal fit, you’ll be amazed at just how much the right size really matters. The transformation that can take place in your life once you find the perfect fit in every part of your wardrobe is unprecedented. The right fit can open the door to you becoming a perfect fit in your own world.

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