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8 min read

How to Measure a Swimsuit?

This guide shows you everything you need to know about measuring a Swimsuit.
Written by
Sophie Clipton
Published on
November 10, 2019

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A swimsuit can be confusing to measure because of its stretchy material and odd shape. However, this swimsuit measuring guide should show you how to expertly measure your swimsuits so you can do so with confidence.

First Things First

Before we start make sure you lie the swimsuit  flat to avoid any wrinkles that could lead to incorrect measurements

Measurement areas of a swimsuit
Swimsuit Template


  1. Shoulder to underarm: Place your measuring tape at the top of the shoulder and pull the tape down to the bottom of the arm opening
  2. Chest: Measure from the bottom of one arm opening across the garment to the bottom of the other arm opening on the opposite side
  3. Torso: Measure from the bottom of the arm opening to the top of the leg opening on the same side
  4. Front length: Place the measuring tape in the middle of the garment starting at the head opening and pull it straight down to the crotch area
  5. Lower hips: Measure from the top of one leg opening across to the top of the other leg opening on the opposite side
  6. All done!

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Measuring tips

  • Lie the swimsuit flat before measuring
  • Don’t be fooled by the stretchy material. Keep your measurements as exact as possible- to the nearest ¼ of an inch. While it may seem that a swimsuit’s stretchy material means you can round to the nearest ½ an inch, you don’t want to risk making a measurement mistake.
  • Always confirm your measurements are accurate by remeasuring.

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Sophie Clipton
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