About Sizely

Simplifying Sizing Globally

Who We Are?

Sizely is a trusted ally in the e-commerce space, recognized for our innovative approach to one of online shopping's most persistent challenges: sizing. We are a team dedicated to crafting solutions that blend technology, usability, and industry insights, with a global community that includes over 50,000 sellers from various platforms like eBay, Poshmark, Amazon, Shopify, and more.

What We Do?

At Sizely, we provide a robust tool that allows sellers to create detailed, visual size charts for clothing items. Our goal is to minimize the guesswork in online apparel shopping, thereby reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction. With Sizely, sellers can generate size charts with visual guides that demonstrate where and how measurements are taken, ensuring clarity and consistency. Our automatic conversion feature accommodates both imperial and metric systems, catering to a worldwide audience.

Why We Are Doing It?

The impetus behind Sizely is our understanding of the critical role that accurate sizing plays in the customer decision-making process. Returns not only affect a seller's bottom line but also contribute to environmental waste. By providing precise and interactive size charts, we aim to diminish these issues, fostering a more sustainable and customer-centric shopping experience.