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2021 Platform Comparison: Choosing the Right e-Commerce Platform for Your Online Business

2021 Platform Comparison: Choosing the Right e-Commerce Platform for Your Online Business


Nella Cheng
September 19, 2020

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So you decided to start a business and now are looking to sign up for a e-commerce platform to sell on? Well, based on the type of items you are planning to sell, choosing the right platform can give you a head start and help you run a successful business. Below a comparison of the top 8 e-commerce platforms that can help you succeed in 2018.

Poshmark Overview


What sets Poshmark apart from the rest is the interface which is similar to Instagram. This look is very appealing and gives it good scrollability – in fact, users of the app open it on average of seven times a day. With around 20% of the goods sold as new, this gives you a great opportunity to sell quality preloved fashion to a market who is looking for what you are selling.

Who buys clothes here?

Millions of users are at Poshmark for one reason only – they want to buy fashion. Unlike many other online marketplaces, the buyers here are fashion centric and looking to buy fashion that is designer, on trend or simply listed on fashion blogs as this season’s must have.

How to improve sales: take amazing photographs – there are many blogs and articles to help explain how to photograph fashion well. Give as much detail as you can.


Amazon Homepage


Although there are many categories on Amazon, sellers need to be approved before commencing trade. If you are looking at breaking into the market, beginning with Amazon may not be ideal, but if you are operating a business already, targeting towards a particular or niche market, this could be the place for you.

Who buys clothes here?

Well, Amazon users of course! These users may be here to buy items from particular niches, and the ability to set up wishlists and such mean that buyers may be purchasing clothing alongside other products which are not in the fashion category.

How to improve sales: do your research – what is selling quickly at the moment? Then, buy multiple goods in bulk – preferably when they are discounted or discontinued, this way you can cater to different shapes and sizes. If you happen upon a discontinued line which is well loved, you may be able to mark prices up as demand increases.


eBay Homepage


eBay is international, so you can sell clothes to people across the globe. If you are keen to sell internationally or use a reputable and long standing marketplace, eBay is well known by both online shoppers and the general public.

Compared to sites like Poshmark, eBay is quite a catch all – you can list all sorts of things and you would be surprised at what sells with minimal effort – a few quick snaps of your photos, list the measurements and tell a story about your piece. Items such as costumes or retro (not authentic vintage) are more likely to sell here than other places.

Who buys clothes here?

As a household name, eBay has set itself up for new buyers and sellers and its many rules help keep both the buyers and seller safe.

How to improve sales: follow the trends – what is hot right now? Consider selling clothes according to the seasons. Definitely list as much detail about your item including measurements and condition.


Bonanza Homepage


Bonanza works with Google shopping which means they have quite a large platform to work with. It is quite easy to navigate and has many options to help sellers post to the best of their abilities. On the other hand, Bonanza doesn’t have a long history the same way Amazon and eBay do, which means that customers may be harder to come by.

Who buys clothes here?

Like eBay, buyers may stumble across the ‘fashion’ listings or seek these out with purpose. They can be buyers who are looking at buying several different items from the one marketplace.

How to improve sales: Bonanza seems quite flooded with listings, so seek out similar listings to what you would like to sell. Do some research – what seems right about what is listed, what could be improved? Apply this knowledge as necessary. Like eBay, having quite a few listings will help boost your profile, especially if you let buyers know that you have other listings.

Tradesy Homepage


Tradesy is less do-it-yourself than many similar sites. Tradesy lists many brands with some saved templates, which is especially handy if you have new items to list. The platform itself is very easy to use, and much of the business side of thing is dealt with by Tradesy – they even organise the packaging and shipping (if you want this option), as well as returns.

Who buys clothes here?

People who are looking for brands without a designer price tag. While buyers aren’t buying things at a premium price, it is well presented. The name itself shows that some people will buy and sell, essentially “trading” items.

How to improve sales: sell clothes when they are close to new and on trend. A item a few years down the track is unlikely to sell when compared to an newer item.


Shopify Homepage


Shopfiy is perfect for you if you already have a customer base or a social media presence. You can send your buyers to your Shopify link and let them buy buy buy! Shopify has plug ins on a number of sites, so you have the opportunity for new buyers to come across your wares this way.  

Who buys clothes here?

Customers who have found your store somehow, whether it’s from the Facebook plug in or a link on your Instagram.

How to improve sales?

Shopify is easy to set up, but how are you going to make your site stand out? The more information about each item for sale, the better. Consider posting measurements, a sizing guide and multiple photos of each item.


Facebook Marketplace Overview

Facebook Marketplace

If you dare enter this realm, you are likely to have too many hits or none at all, and I wish you all the best! In all seriousness, this is a super easy to use platform, especially if you are experienced in using Facebook. On the other hand, your buyers are much more likely to head over to some of the other sites we have explored before hitting up Facebook for something in particular.

Who buys clothes here?

Facebook users who want to buy clothes, and don’t necessarily want to engage with other traditional online marketplaces. Buyers who want to avoid paying for shipping are also more likely to use Facebook, as this means they have to meet you in person rather than pay money to have something posted out. This avoidance of paying a shipping fee can also mean that you may attract ‘time wasters’, people who say they will collect something from you, and never end up doing so.

How to improve sales

Check out what is selling in your area – what has been sitting on the Marketplace for a long time, and why? Often it is to do with price or quality. More information about your item is key to sales – photos taken with some finesse, listing measurements of your items and giving some background is important. Buyers may want to know why you are selling your item, and are more likely to be upfront about this unlike other platforms, so you may want to have a backstory about your brand.


Etsy Homepage


Like eBay, Etsy lets you sell worldwide, which would be excellent if you had a product you wanted to sell to people on a global scale. Even if you aren’t looking for world domination, being a seller on this platform is reasonably inexpensive. Many sellers put a lot of effort to give their listings a unique look.

However, Etsy has several rules about listings – clothing must be handcrafted by you, or authentic vintage.

Who buys clothes here?

Buyers on Etsy tend to be looking for a particular aesthetic – be it hand crafted, bespoke, or vintage. One off or hard to come by items are eagerly sought after. 

How to improve sales

The money is in the details. Tell buyers the exact measurements of your clothes, take stunning photographs – choose backgrounds which match the theme, or even have models pose in your items for sale.

Bottom line is this: each e-commerce platforms attracts a certain crowed of individuals that buy on the platform. Before jumping on any random platform, make sure that what you plan on selling aligns with the audience that each platform attracts. Comment below on what e-commerce platform you currently use plan to use for 2018.

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